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Born in Cagliari, Italy, on April 29th, 1942, Gianfranco Lai is married, with two sons, and he lives with his family on the San Sperate countryside on their own small farm. He would have liked to attend a school of Art to develop his predisposition for drawing, paintings, and colors, but he obtained his degree in accounting. In fact, his father, strongly  believing that one could not make a living out of art, encouraged him to attend a school of accounting ("Il Martini", ITC di Cagliari). This was a wise choice at that time and today it's more than ever thoughtful.
His profound commitment to social life through cultural and student associations, his activity in labor unions, and his passion for music (at the age of 25, he had his own band), and sports did not distract him from drawing and painting. He was always able to dedicate time for this innate interest despite work commitments, associations, labor unions assemblies, artistic gymnastics and tennis table competitions. He led the Human Resources office at the Clinic of the University of Cagliari where he was appointed as a member of the Board Governors for three times in a row until his retirement in 1993.

The drawing and color were always in his life since he was child, when his mother, in the 40’s, kept him on her womb letting him draw with roughage on the table.
His painting style is inspired by the study of Impressionism and Neo-impressionism colors and even more by the study of Caravaggio’s light distribution.
His received his first award at young age when he was honored to be recognized as a local promising artist by Bernardino Palazzi, who gave up a trophy at first assigned to him to acknowledge this young talent. Since 1993 he works full time on his paintings characterized by the search of chromatic harmony and the synthesis and balance of the composition.

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